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On my behalf

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 5:44 AM
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This "open day" was a great idea IMHO. I like DA and this will make a lot of people (including me) consider buying permium membership. Nonetheless, thanks DA!

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Texture by Princess-of-Shadows
My picture views are 10 times more compared to my page views...
I'm not sure if I should be happy about this or not though...?:P
New wallpaper pack released, check it out!
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Guys! I bought a Drawing Pad. I thought these things are more expensive, but seemingly not! Altough it's a rather small one, I don't mind, I already tried it, and it proved to be more than able to create big pictures as well!

I was thinking about buying one since like onehalf year, but I never really looked for it (since I thought it is too expensive...) But this week, I accidentally bumped into a store, which sells them at amazingly cheap prices, and thought: dammit, I can't let this opportunity slip! So I ordered it, and now here it is.

For reference I made a quick sketch /Freehand Shonen/, to give an overview of the capabilities of the DP. Check out the difference between the hard and soft pushed pen: it is showing on the edges rather well.

More pics will be coming up soon: stay tuned for updates! Until then, take care. Out.
Yeah, you heared it. Make-a-Mac group is waiting for You too! Have a nice time.

Listen me dear lads! It's time for me to repay the kindness and effort of many of you. It's time to create a tribute group!

All my dear Mac theme, wallpaper, dock and addon designer deviantart mates, I've launched a group to collect your artworks! And of course, as always all of you will be noted in the group, and on your profile as well.

I hope this will encourage you to maybe nominate other artworks of yours to the group.
As soon as the group will be prepared, up and running, I'll start posting my faves and of course notify you about the actions!

Until then stay tuned, it's just a matter of hours!
I'm switching my activity to drawing instead of digital art. Sorry for disappointing anybody, who wanted more wallpapers!

I'll upload some soon...
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On the verge of the new  decade, I wish you all a merry christmas and a prosperous new year!
I hope that altough my past half year was not really active on DA, 2010 will be a fuckin awesome year of art for me! I'll try to gather my equipment and release all new pictures and photos. I won't tell you no new year pleads, those are my secret.

Stay tuned in 2010 too, and see ya!
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My circumstances have been stablized, and I finally will continue my work on the photos I was promising for a long long time.
The only thing left is to repair my camera.
Until then, stay tuned!
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Arrived to the hell, my role here will be to survive :D
I 'spose, I'll upload some photos for ya, to catch the feeling :D
Anyway, same story, I must continue these things I've been dealing with, since I'm here, so the compulsory break isn't over yet.

Have fun 'till then, peace everybody!
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Changing country again, so the break will last longer it seems. Maybe after this I'll try myself in photography. Thatz all. Peace!

P.S: Oh, by the way happy new year and merry fucknows what.
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I'm away for a maintenance break, so I won't be releasing stuff for a while.
My site continues its skyrocketing in statistics, thanks to you! So I decided to create another abstract pack dedicated to this once in a lifetime occassion! :D
Its theme will be the mafia, gangs, simply put the organized crime and all the topics connected to these! I'll make it hardcore and raw. So get ready, here I go once again!
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Hi, everybody!
I just noticed, that my pictures were viewed over 2000 times!!
Thank you, this means a lot to me!:D
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It's time for abstract arts!
I started a wallpaper set, named zen nippon wallpaper family.
I don't know exactly how many will it contain, but I'll release a widescreen wallpaper pack if all are released.
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I think I'll try myself out in oil paintings. I saw so many, that I got the feeling, I must paint some too. So next time there will be a lot of paintings uploaded.

Stay tuned, until then!
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New Palace (Újpalota) is the place where I live. It's a district of blockhouses and marauders, scavengers, thieves, and gangsters, just like in the movies. After a while you get used to it, but believe me, it's not the place where I would want to be.
Perhaps the postcard I made can present it to you...
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So here is the end of line. Everybody, I think it was a good summer after all, so there is nothing to regret. The school will start on Monday, and probably, this will be my hardest year ever.
But I will go on with learning Japanese and drawing pics, so there will be fun too. :D
It'll be a bit unusual though, getting up early, that is. I got used to get up at 9 - 10 hrs AM, so I don't know, how I can revert it to my original half past 6. :D
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The dark force is on the move once again. The school will begin in two days and it's pretty uncomfortable for me after this fine summer. But the unevadable can't be evaded, so I'm preparing to get ready.
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Hell yeah, the clouds move fast, and luckily even further from us, than before!
This can be the sign, that hope lies before us, the school days won't be useless this year! :D
By the way I got the idea to take photos from the sunny days at the end of summer. They probably will be out by tomorrow:D
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